Markilux ES-X

The Markilux ES-X is a brilliantly innovative folding arm awning which, like its predecessor the Markilux ES-1, is constructed using stainless steel. New to this product, however, is a revelation in folding arm technology which uses a bionic tendon to create a tauter cover in combination with proven material components.

Visual elegance is combined with technical perfection to create a patio awning which offers true value for money

Markilux-ES-X-patio-couple Markilux-ES-X-front-profile Markilux-ES-X-patio-flowers

Inspired by the classic design and popularity of the Markilux ES-1, this new development embodies the elegant form constructed in stainless steel which made the Markilux ES-1 so popular.

It’s folding arms and torque bar are protected by a dirt-resistant coating which protects it from weather and corrosion – perfect for your durable low-maintenance requirements! The torque bar, produced and powder coated in galvanised steel, ensures unbeatable stability to ensure your awning provides a high quality sturdy source of sheltering all of the time.

Area’s exposed to exhaust fumes (cities, highly built up areas etc) and aggressive sea air (harbours, seaside resorts etc) are highly suited to the Markilux ES-X. This is due to its durable attributes and low maintenance qualities gained from the dirt-resistant coating.

This designer awning is manufactured in semi gloss, marine-grade brushed stainless steel combined with other tried and tested materials to ensure the maximum performance. The innovative aluminium bionic tendons ensure a divine level of stability is maintained throughout the Markilux ES-X’s long lifespan.

The Markilux ES-X is available in widths of up to 6.5m with a maximum projection of up to 3m. This can be altered with a width of 6m allowing the projected size to reach 3.5m.

The Markilux ES-X can be combined with all the fabrics from the Markilux collection. All covers are manufactured with bonded seams using ultrasonic technology. This ensures that a homogensous appearance is achieved, free of undesirable stitched seams. The cover designs can be viewed here. A valance complements the awnings appearance and is included within the scope of delivery.

Like it’s archetype, the Markilux ES-1, the Markilux ES-X is also a structural masterpiece exhibiting ageless design combined with a seamless manufacturing process and perfect functioning quality.

The Markilux ES-X is equipped with a radio-controlled motor and a remote control set as standard. Perfect to ensure ease of use and comfort!


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