Markilux ES-1

The full-cassette Markilux ES-1 is a top of the range award winning folding-arm awning from high quality manufacturers, Markilux. Constructed using austentic stainless steel, it’s suitably refined design leaves it looking clean-cut, precise and imperious.

The Markilux ES-1 benefits from using a powerful gas piston operated arm system to provide tension to the cover material to offer effective sun shading.

Despite its delicate appearance, the roller has an impressive 95mm diameter and the front profile and suspension tube are highly torsion resistant. A leading example of precision German engineering in patio awnings, the Markilux ES-1 is arguably the most visually pleasing and desirable awning on the market.

As an example of the diverse style of patio awnings within the Markilux range, the ES-1 is held in high regard by architects, designers, specifiers, and style connoisseurs. It’s sharp lines and impressive beauty complement the state of the art architecture involved in the manufacture of this patio awning.

Ideally suited for busy locations affected by city pollutants, aggressive sea air and exhaust emissions, the Markilux ES-1 remains a high-quality durable patio awning despite the constant weathering and pollutants of common everyday life.

Technical drawing of Markilux ES-1 cassette Technical drawing of ES-1 Awning Technical drawing of ES-1 Awning folding arms

The elegant, powerful gas tensioned arms guarantee a particularly sturdy cover hold – even when the awning is partially extended. Despite its delicate appearance, the roller possesses an impressive 95mm diameter and the front profile and suspension tube are highly torsion resistant.Markilux ES-1 Technical drawing The ES-1 is a cover cassette. This means it has a full cassette which protects the material when retracted. It has a stainless steel top gutter which protects both the cover and roller across the entire awning length.

Technical Features
The arms and hinged joints, all screws and design elements are manufactured solely in brushed V4A stainless steel. This material is resistant to the aggressive influences of nature. The arms are stored in Teflon-coated joint bushes.

The Markilux ES-1 is available in widths of up to 6.5m or with a maximum projection of 3.5m.

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The beautifully designed material and the attractively precise designs make the Markilux brand unique. The perfectly formed end caps are available to order in stainless steel, copper or brass. The valance is also available, as an extra.

All Markilux covers included in the balcony and patio awning portfolio are available for selection. You can view the Markilux covers range here.

Electric operation with a radio-control set are supplied as standard.

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