Markilux 8500

The Markilux 8500 is the awning for conservatories with uneven, bevelled, indented or hipped roofs. Unlike other awnings with guide rails on the edges of the cover, the Markilux 8500 has indented guide rails in the centre allowing for no contact with the edges of the conservatory to allow for creative designs.

Markilux 8500 image showing bevelled edges

The guide rails can overhang the outermost bracket by up to 1m giving more protection from the sun and ensuring your conservatory is fully shaded.

The awning material offers exterior solar shading – this allows the light of the sun to light your conservatory whilst blocking out the uncomfortable heat. It uses tear-resistant belts combined with belt guide rollers to ensure quiet and smooth operation and minimises the level of maintenance required.

Construction & Design:

Practically speaking, the Markilux 8500 offers the same advantage as the Markilux 8000. With its indented guide tracks, it makes fitting the awning to conservatories with bevel-shaped roofs and other non-typical shaped roofs achievable with ease.


A single awning can shade an area of up to 25m². The tracks can be indented up to a maximum of 120cm and the guide tracks can extend 100cm past the last support bracket.

Frame Colours:

Traffic White - RAL 9016 Metallic Aluminium - RAL 9006 Grey Brown - RAL 8019
Traffic White
(RAL 9016)
Metallic Aluminium
(RAL 9006)
Grey Brown
(RAL 8019)

Optional Extras:

  • Wall sealing profile to cover the gap between the awning and the wall.
  • Radio-controlled motor with remote control for comfortable operation. Markilux remote control with ergonomic design.
  • Markilux infra-red heater in a compact, aluminium housing. Cozy warmth without any heating up phase within an area of 9-12m².
  • Available in any RAL colour.
  • An easily installed, radio control sun and wind sensor guarentees comfort and a degree of protection – even in your absence!

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