Markilux 780/880

The Markilux 780 & 880 awnings are both admirably compact and strong conservatory awnings suitable for internal and external glass areas. It is available upto an area of approx. 13m² to support small glazed areas and maintains a wind resistance rating of 3.

Whilst this awning is highly recommended as a conservatory awning, it can also be utilised in an interior or exterior shading role. It has a tensioning system which keeps the material tight to the guides to prevent any flapping in the wind and provides a smooth, neat appearance.

Markilux 780/Markilux 880 – What Is The Difference?

A question we receive very often regarding these two similar awnings is simple; what is the difference between the two? The answer: Not a lot, really. The Markilux 780 has a square compact cassette profile whereas the Markilux 880 has a small, rounded cassette profile which has a stainless steel side plate sheathed in plastic and remains discreeet and unobtrusive.


It bears the weight of your Markilux and is particularly strong. The continuous cassette profile makes it practical and easy to fit in any situation. Larger units are installed with an additional cover support tube to provide further stability to the cover. The awning is completely pre-assembled and is fitted using patented clip-on fixture brackets so installation is particularly quick.


Awning covers are made from acrylic or sunsilk snc with a self-cleaning effect – this means you don’t need to worry about scrubbing your awning to get it clean again. A special fabric transolair is also available which allows you an unobstructed view of the exterior whilst providing pleasant shade at the same time.

The following covers are available with this awning:

  • Red 34926
  • Dark Red 34956
  • Green 34927
  • Dark Green 34913
  • Orange 34924
  • Yellow 34928
  • Beige 34941
  • Speckled White 34918

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The maximum width is 400cm at an extension of 250cm. The maximum extension of 400cm can be achieved up to a width of 325cm.


The awning is fitted as standard with manual operation (universal joint with bayonet fitting). Hard-wired or RTS motor operation is available on request.

Special Features:

The tensioning system using a combined elastic and kevlar belt means that very high cover tension can be achieved when the awning is fully extended. If only partially extended the cover has a natural tendency to sag as a result of this design feature.

Frame Colours:

This awning is available in any RAL colour as an optional extra, or in the following standard RAL colours:

Traffic White - RAL 9016 Metallic Aluminium - RAL 9006 Grey Brown - RAL 8019
Traffic White
(RAL 9016)
Metallic Aluminium
(RAL 9006)
Grey Brown
(RAL 8019)

Optional Extras:

This Markilux conservatory awning comes manually operated as standard with no heating. Available as additional extras are the following:

  • Hard wired motor drive (optionally with automatic controls) for simple, relaxed operation.
  • Radio-controlled motor with remote control for comfortable operation. Markilux remote control with ergonomic design.
  • Markilux infra-red heater in a compact, aluminium housing. Cozy warmth without any heating up phase within an area of 9-12m².
  • Available in any RAL colour.
  • An easily installed, radio control sun and wind sensor guarantees comfort and a degree of protection – even in your absence!

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