Sun and Rain Protection at Pensthorpe Natural Park!

Samson Awnings recently had the pleasure of working with Pensthorpe Natural Park in Norfolk, with a solution to provide a large covered area for their outdoor cafe customers. A space surrounded by the beauty of the great outdoors and where fresh air is naturally appreciated, we were delighted to specify and install the Markilux Markant to provide year-round sun and rain protection.


Whilst the existing cafe was set in a charming space, it was typical of so many outdoor areas in the UK. Whilst it offered a few table umbrellas, this realistically provided some sun shade for one side of a table. For a four person table, only two people could benefit from the shade, and could certainly not enjoy the outdoors during any rainfall with any worthwhile protection.

A solution was needed to offer easy and controllable sun shade and rain protection for over 25 customers sitting outside. It was vital to complement the beautiful environment where guests sit and take a break whilst enjoying the tranquility of this unique part of Norfolk.

The Project!

With this in mind, we surveyed and specified the Markilux Markant retractable roof for its excellent ability to provide year-round weather protection, with aesthetically-pleasing results. The Samson team expertly installed the free-standing system, measuring 11m x 6m, in the Courtyard Cafe.

The project consisted of two single systems coupled together, providing four individually electrically operated roof sections, all controlled from one remote control handset.


Contemporary Style & Traditional Charm

It was important to specify a style that complemented the environment and natural surroundings. The cafe itself is lined with beautiful stone buildings, traditional features of the local area, and an endless variety of trees and plants. With the cafe soon to be decorated with freshly-painted timber of a dark-grey colour, the system was finished in an Anthracite Grey framework to suit, along with its uncompromising ability to lend itself to any future colour scheme.

More on the Markilux Markant..

The Markant wins on so many projects because of its flat roof aesthetics, unlike so many other sloping systems.

In terms of convenience in design, the Markant directs the rainfall out and away from the area by collecting the water in built-in guttering channels, and then away from the supporting posts, that are also acting as downpipes.

The system has flat fabric retractable covers built inside the aluminium framework, and when it rains the fabric sags slightly and allows the rainfall to disperse through the holes situated above a rain gutter system. Beautifully simple.

The system can be mounted directly to a building or sit on its own support posts with only 4 posts required up to a massive 6m x 6m.

Pensthorpe Park, Norfolk

Pensthorpe is a natural home for many species of birds, mammals, invertebrates and plants. The diverse range of priority habitats together create a stunning rich landscape which Pensthorpe Conservation Trust manages for wildlife.

The award-winning park is a must-visit for families and tourists, with inspiring and unique scenery that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Do make sure you visit when in the area, the park is soon to be adorned with the crisp oranges and browns that only autumn can bring!

Click here to visit the Pensthorpe Natural Park website >

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