Free Markilux Motor and Wind Sensor!

Throughout August we are offering a free motor and wind sensor on all Markilux products.


Markilux are the largest and most renowned German manufacturer of retractable awnings, and the high quality of their products are what keeps them so popular.

yellow-markilux-990Markilux manufacturer a wide range of cassette awnings, retractable awnings and patio covers and throughout August, Samson Awnings are offering a free motor and a free wind sensor with your Markilux product!

The 990 is the most popular Markilux Awnings, specifically designed for use on patios and decked areas. It’s a full enclosed awning, which when closed protects all components from the elements.

The Markilux 1650 is a strong semi-cassette awning with a steel twin-link chain operating feature. For larger patio and terraces, the Markilux 1650 is available in a width up to 6.6 metres and a maximum projection of 3.5 metres.

For freestanding patio protection, chose the Markilux Pergola. The Markilux Pergola is a high quality awning system with fixed posts, perfect for large areas that need more protection.

The Pergola can be used for sun shading and light rain and it also has a high wind resitance due to it’s ‘tracfix’ technilogy.

Offer For August!

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