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Markilux have an extensive collection of more than 250 fabrics made from innovative, high-tech polyester yarns to ensure the highest standards and problem-free operation for many years. Markilux awning covers are industrially manufactured products so they serve both a functional and decorative purpose.

Markilux Awning Covers are highly rated because of their quality and appearance.

When you purchase a Markilux Awning, you have chosen a high-class quality product. All fabrics are produced on state-of-the-art-weaving looms, which guarantees an extremely high degree of perfection.
All Markilux Covers come with the “Öko-Tex Standard 100” certificate, which guarantees awning materials contain no harmful dyes or chemicals.

Effective protection against UV radiation. 

The importance of protecting ourselves from harmful UV rays affects all of us and Markilux know how important it is for customers to know just how many harmful UVA and UVB rays wil pass through their products. The good news is that Markilux fabrics in dark colours are 100 percent effective against UV radiation. The lighter colours, including plain white stop up to 97 percent of UV radiation.

More attractive appearance due to bonded fabrics.

Markilux use an ultrasonic bonding process to improve the appearance and life-span of the fabric. Bonding the fabric means that the panel joints are impermeable to light and water and resistant to changes in tempreture. In addition, bonding avoids the problem of premature ageing of the thread as a result of UV radiation and weathering.

Sunsilk snc.

Sunsilk snc covers are made of refined high-tech polyester, due to its reliabilty and versatility as a fibre. A sunsilk cover allows sunlight to pass through better than acrylic fabrics and are considerably lighter, making colours look more vibrant and helping to create a sunny atmosphere, even on a cloudy day. Compared to acrylic fabrics, Sunsilk has a higher number of yarns per cm, making the surface flatter. This smooth surface has been finished in a way that it is more difficult for dirt to accumulate and any soiling is quite simply washed away using water.

Sunsilk snc combines ultra-modern appearance with an outstanding technical specification: durable, colourfast, and resilient and with self-cleaning effect.

The sunsilk covers come in seven summery and fresh colour families and delicate tone-in-tone fabric patterns.

Summery Fabric Powerful Emotional2 Elegant2
Natural1 Harmonious1 Exclusive1

Sunvas snc.

Sunvas snc uses fully man made polyester fabric, that replicates the texture and thickness of acrylic and naturally lends itself to commercial uses, however works just as well in a domestic setting. The material has a soft touch with a more fibrous surface and the colours available radiate a socially appealing charm.Sunvas snc combines romantic appearance with an outstanding technical specification: durable, colourfast, resilient and with self-cleaning effect. Fabrics in restrained, muted, pastel colours in seven colour families lend sunvas its traditional yet modern character.

Sunvas Summery Sunvas Powerful Sunvas Emotional Sunvas Elegant
Sunvas Natural Sunvas Harmonious Sunvas Exclusive

The adaptability of sunvas fabric, lends itself to two further collections;



This cover collection is a new awnings collection in soft pastel tones and has been created with a more British feel. The thicker nature of the fabric, gives it a more rustic quality and allows it to have the best recovery charecteristics against UV rays, weather and water. View the collection here.


19 classic, timeless blockstripes have been reinterpreted in new colour shades. Catering to every taste, the fabric collection offers modern patterns in the gently glowing sunvas snc quality. View the collection here.


A range of plain fabrics, that are stylistically timeless and that look great mixed and matched on big or small projects. A large collection of neutral or vibrant plains are available in luminescent Sunsilk or gentle glowing Sunvas fabrics dependant on your needs.


Visutex is a collection of eight vibrant colour families and elegant patterns fabrics of stylishly modern design embodied in a vividly textured weaving technique and is available in sunsilk and sunvas material. Visutex has been designed to delicately reflect the colours and textures of patio and garden.


Markilux have a created a series of special fabrics, so you can tailor your Awning or Blinds specifically to your needs, whether they are for commecial or domestic use.

Sunsilk perla FR

A collection of coated fabrics with a milky white underside. The fabric is waterproof and highly flame retardant and should be used where fire safety regulations are in place and if protection from wet weather is a priority.


An additional aluminium coating reflects heat even more effectively, even before it can enter the conservatory.
This light and air-permeable fabric woven using a special technique is pleasantly transparent and reduces the possibility of water troughs forming, which would put extra strain on the cover. A high-grade Teflon coating offers tried and tested protection from soiling and gives the fabric its water-repellent properties.

Vuscreen FR

It protects against reflected light. It has a permanent flame-retardant FR coating and provides the highest degree of technical safety in those areas where protection against a possible outbreak of fire is required.

Vuscreen ALU

It protects against reflected light. Particles of aluminium on the fibres of this easily-cared-for, high-tech polyester fabric provide a pleasant ambient climate by reflecting heat in the form of long-wave infra-red radiation.

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How can I order? Our approach

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