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The best days of Summer are certainly upon us, which means that from here on out the days will get shorter, and the nights will get longer… but that doesn’t have to prevent you from using your outdoor space.

Samson Awnings have the largest range of Retractable Fabric Awnings and Glass Verandas for you to choose from, creating the best environment in your outdoor space. Our range of products also includes high quality, German-made Umbrellas and beautiful Outdoor Glassrooms.

Our latest promotions give you great opportunities to save big money on some of the highest quality awnings and associated products.

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Fantastic Prices on Weinor 

Weinor are a leading german manufacturer of awnings, retractable roof systems and verandas, and are one of the most well trusted names on the market.

This Autumn, Samson Awnings has low prices on many fantastic Weinor products.

See our low prices on:

  • Weinor Terrazza with Underglass Awning
  • Weinor Plaza Viva
  • Weinor PergoTex II

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50% off LED Lights on Weinor Products

For the seasons of Autumn and early Winter, Samson Awnings are offering a discount off all LED lighting systems on Weinor awnings, retractable roofs and verandas.

Place an order for any Weinor system anytime until December 14th 2018 and if you also order LED lighting, you can get it for half price.

With the clocks going back in October, and the long dark nights fast approaching, LED lights will enable you to make more use of your outside space for longer, and with the wide range of Weinor products, there is a large range of systems to choose from.

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Large Discounts on Sun Awnings with Glass Roofs

During the months of September, October and November we are offering large discounts on any glass canopy, veranda or roof system, when it is ordered with a sun awning.

Adding an awning to any form of glass canopy, veranda or roof is the perfect way to create the ultimate all weather system for the British climate, equally able to deal with rain and snow, as well as bright or scorching sun. It’s a truly fantastic system that can maximise the time you spend outside in your garden or patio area.

With systems from market leading companies Verano and Weinor, there are plenty of possibilities and combinations available.

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Retractable roof discounts

Discounts on Orders for Retractable Fabric Roof Systems

Until 5pm on December the 14th 2018, order any retractable fabric roof system, and you can get a large discount from Samson Awnings.

These exceptionally popular systems are normally a lean-to system installed using an already existing wall or structure. These systems are able to cover very large areas due to the sturdy framework and lean-to nature, as well as the high-tension reinforced fabric awning roof. Due to this they are often the best solution for those hoping to cover larger areas.

They can also often be filled in at the sides and front in many cases, using either fabric screens or glass panels and doors.
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