What are the glass veranda systems manufactured from?

Our glass veranda systems are all manufactured using high quality aluminium profile sections
All out glass veranda roof systems are aluminium sections of varying sizes depending on size and model.
We offer 3 main types of veranda design ranging for the use of 6mm to 10mm safety glass for the roof itself and then very different roof section profile which create a different visual end appearance.
All systems are available finished in white with a further 56 standard colours available for one of our systems. The framework can be finished in any RAL colour at all for a moderate extra charge.

The pitch and shape of the glass verandas is also variable to accommodate many awkward shapes created by various extensions and other protrusions coming off the back of an average home.

The basic model glass veranda systems will not have the flexibility in size or accessories that the higher specification models have. The addition of side and front elements such as blinds and glass doors is only possible when the framework structure is capable of taking the extra weight without upsetting the overall integrity of the structure.

A glass veranda is the ideal solution to provide all year round protection from the heaviest of rainfall and defining an area on a terrace or patio for outdoor furniture and other lifestyle products to help enjoy outdoor living.