What sizes are the retractable patio awnings available in?

Most of the retractable patio awnings we offer are available in any sizes, made to order, up to the maximum width for each model.
In general the Markilux, Weinor and other major awning manufacturers will produce a retractable self supported awning up to between 6500 and 7000mm wide in one complete cassette and fabric cover and then over this size and generally up to a maximum width of 14000mm wide the awning will be what is called ‘coupled’ which means the awning is 2 covers and 2 sets of arms and mechanism but all operating in syncronisation and with one motor drive unit. This same theory applies to other fabric retractable systems we offer including the Pergola and Plaza systems.

The maximum projection for a self supported patio awning is 4000mm and if you require further cover than this the fabric cover has to be supported at the sides and front for stability The Markilux Pergola is the classic example for this with aluminium side channels and 2 support posts at the front meaning a maximum projection of 6000mm is achievable and with the extra side channel support provided when using the ‘zip’ system you will have a far more stable fabric cover in windier conditions.

All the awning we supply are made to order in the widths to the millimetre but tend to have projections in 500mm increments up to the maximum 4000mm.