What is a butterfly awning?

This is a generic term for goalpost steel or aluminium structure with 2 awnings fitted at the top which when extended form the shape of a butterfly wings (sort of) providing weather protection whilst being free standing
The butterfly awning principle has been around for years but only recently has the product been manufactured to a suitable level of strength to provide more than just sun shade with no wind or rain.  Many years ago we sold these butterfly systems but only as sun shading systems in commercial applications as they were not the most attractive of structures and had no great strength to stand up to windy conditions or rainfall. With massive leaps forward in technology and materials we can now happily install systems capable of providing covered areas up to 12 metres long and 8 metres wide!!  A massive area by any standards?
Stronger retractable awnings and tested framework systems manufactured from large aluminiun profiles, all beautifully finished in a choice of tough modern paint finishes provide a great solution for a free standing outdoor cover for commercial or domestic use.

The Markilux Syncra or the Weinor Duofix systems provide the basis for a selection of different awnings to be installed with different specifications depending on factors such as projection required, built in LED lights, full cassette covers and so on.
The framework systems are strong enough to enable the installation of additional lighting and heating systems at a later date.

These large frame work systems are best installed onto a descent concrete pad but also have options to use large weighted blocks at either end which also can double up as extra seating with timber cladding or other covering options.

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