What are the glass rooms manufactured from?

The main framework is all aluminium extrusions with minimal steel components and of course glass
The Weinor glass roof or room is manufactured from high quality aluminium sections, all bespoke and manufactured to order. The aluminium is then factory painted in a choice of over 50 standard colours with some of them in a metallic and textured finish, far more durable than normal paint. There is no Upvc used at all in the system and the rainwater guttering at the front is all part of the aluminium front support with the rainwater directed down through one or all of the aluminium support posts at the front.
The glass is usually always 10mm laminated glass on the roof and 10mm toughened glass for any sliding or folding doors around the front and side. thicker 12mm glass is sometimes used depending on the sizes required and the glass can also be heat soak tested for further enhancement.

We offer various aluminium fixed roof structures and the differences in the prices is very simply down to the material content so a Weinor Terrazza will be more than the Piazza system we also offer as the aluminium content is far higher and this is seen in the roof support struts with decorative finials on the Terrazza and a simpler flat top on the Piazza.

Aluminium as a material offers the very best for long term stability and durability especially in our UK climate.