Erhardt J patio awning

Erhardt K Awning

The Erhardt K is a small cassette awning from German manufacturer Erhardt Markisen that excels in being installed in difficult scenarios, due to an installation height of only 13cm. For this reason it is the ideal awning for installations that take place on balconies or terraces. The compact design helps the awning to be installed into even the tightest of spaces by making use of the multiple different mounting options.

The full cassette helps to protect the fabric awning as well as the mechanism when it is fully retracted. This helps to ensure maximum protection from the elements and when combined with the small nature of the cassette, it ensures an unobtrusive and subtle aesthetic.

The Erhardt K comes with a motor as standard, and this can help make the awning effortless to operate. Just the push of a button can transform your patio or balcony area.

The Erhardt K is available with many different extras and options. The awning can be automated through the use of a motor and remote control, which when combined with a sun and wind sensor can create a truly hassle free awning with maximum ease of use.

Also available are light bars and infrared heaters, both of which can be dimmed. This allows you to enjoy your outside space for far longer into the evening when both heat and visibility would ordinarily become an issue, as well as further into the colder and darker autumn and winter months.

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