Open Cassette Awning Archive

Markilux 1300 Stretch

The Markilux 1300 Stretch is the classical folding arm open awning that also offers the opportunity for the extension to be longer than the width on selected sizes. The extensions on the arms allow for sizing as follows: the 2.25, 2.5, 3 and the 3.5 metre wide awnings can all have an extension of 3.5 metres.

Markilux 1300

The Markilux 1300 offer even greater size options; up to 7 metres wide with a 4 metre extension.

The strong chain link arms on both of these models facilitate the option of the Shade Plus (the drop down valance) being fitted on any width size with an extension size up to 3.5metres.

In virtually all circumstances, if there is no overhang to provide protection we would strongly recommend the fitting of top cover plates with side cheeks.

Winsol Combisol 500

The Combisol 500 economy awning is another option for a very strong, competitively priced open cassette awning.

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