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Winsol Sombrero Mini Cassette

The Sombrero Mini and Sombrero Grande, both manufactured by Winsol, are both ideal awnings for the home. With the Sombrero Mini sizes range from 2.5 to 4.5 metres width, with a maximum extension 2.5 metres on the larger size; the Grande is available up to 5.5 metres wide with an extension of 3 metres. Both can be either manually operated or electrically operated. Manual operation is obviously cheaper (around £450 less) however a power supply would still be necessary to operate heaters, lights or weather sensors.

Manual operation is by means of a winding handle inserted into an eyelet at the end of the cassette, which can be fitted at either end to the client’s convenience. Obviously the larger the awning is the greater the force required to operate therefore electric operation is particularly recommended for larger models. The motors used are those manufactured by the world renowned Somfy.

The cassette for the Sombrero Mini is available in either brown or white powdercoat finish; the cassette for the Grande is standard white only.

Both models are fitted with Arm Ribbon Technology and have stainless steel fastenings. One other point to consider: on both of these awnings the two main fixing brackets are always situated at the end of the cassette rendering the fitting of this particular type of awning quite simple.

Other fully cassetted awnings within the Winsol range suitable for domestic situations include the Combisol 1700 – a square shaped cassette, essentially suitable for requirements over 5.5 metres wide (up to 7m wide), with arms comprising of twin stainless steel cables and stainless steel fastenings.

Winsol Combisol 1700

The Combisol 1700 is eminently suitable for flat wall houses or commercial applications. Again this awning can be manual or electric operation. The Combisol 1800, a relatively new addition to the market, is available in widths up to 6 metres with extensions of 3.5 metres. A contemporary awning with colourful motifs decorating the end caps, the Combisol 1800 has established itself a reputation for style and flair. With exceptionally strong chain link arms and stainless steel fastenings the Combisol 1800 is arguably one of the most sturdy awnings currently sold to the domestic market.

The wide range of colours and designs for the fabrics used in all of these awnings are from the Dixon-Constant Orchestra collection.

Markilux 915

The Markilux Compact 915 – designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany, boasts a distinct stylish appearance. The natty cassette, so incredibly neat, just 125mm high is available as standard in white, brown and metallic aluminium. The diminutive and uniquely shaped front profile is endowed with an integrated channel to displace water residue. Incredibly tough, with corrosion resistant steel link chain arms and coverage of up to 5 metres in width with an extension of 3 metres this awning can be either operated electrically or manually. Servo assistance to make winding the handle easier is an optional extra. This is a leading awning for the modern technology used in manufacturing.

Hardly surprisingly, The Markilux Compact 915 is one of the higher priced awnings. After all, as the famous Sir Frederick Henry Royce once remarked “The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”.

Markilux 5005

The Markliux 5005 – the big brother to the Compact 915, can actually achieve a breath taking extension of 4 metres! With the twin chain link arms – the 5005 is probably one of the most robust domestic awning on the market. As well as the impressive extension properties, a width of up to 7 metres is also offered.

All of the Markilux awnings can be fitted with acrylic or the new sunsilk fabrics from the Swela Collection. Markilux Fabrics.

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