Dutch Canopies

Taking their name from the land of their popularization, the traditional style of Dutch canopies will enhance any shop front window and provide valuable protection from the sun’s harmful rays, helping to manage the temperature of the room within. This makes it a more inviting location for anyone passing by. With careful consideration on sign writing and logos, a Dutch canopy can further enhance the shop front to promote your business. A large range of material colours are available to suit the aesthetic or colour scheme of your business. Also available are PVC covers.

Simple yet highly effective, these stylish traditional Dutch canopies are fitted above windows or entrances to protect against encroaching sun or rain, and can be fixed or retractable, manual or electrically operated, depending on your needs.

Both the traditional curve and wedge shapes are available, at up to 6 metres wide and with a projection of 1.8 metres.

Large or small, Dutch canopies can be very effective. For example, they are especially useful for advertising your business and provide a touch of class to otherwise standardized business fronts, yet also stopping the sun from heating up the window and therefor the room inside. For more information on the specification and your options, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dutch Canopies are available upon request only