An Unpredictable Year…

A Breath of Fresh Air

By Nathan Dove, Managing Director 

If anyone had told me on March 24th that our awning business would be supercharged by a pandemic, I would have thought them absolutely crazy; six months later however, the need and desire to spend more time outdoors to avoid catching a virus has meant that this has happened.

We initially closed our showroom doors following advice on March 24th and began to work out what we might do, when movement and face to face communication had effectively been condemned.

As we entered April, I started to realise what was happening as news came across from Germany that the demand for awnings, umbrellas and canopies was seeing an enormous surge. “Is this the Spring peak?” I initially asked myself. However, the upward trend continued, along with government advice to “spend more time outdoors.”

It has become clear, even as the Autumn rain starts to fall. Our government and health advisors are stating: “Meet Outdoors”, “Stay Healthy”, “Avoid close Contact”.  The messages keep coming, and they are targeted at both domestic and commercial audiences. They make sense, and these instructions have changed many people’s perceptions. It is better to be outdoors.

The True Value of Fresh Air

We have some catching up to do with our European neighbours. According to the National Trust, UK children are exhibiting symptoms of a modern phenomenon known as “Nature Deficit Disorder”.

A particularly informative report by the National Trust describes in detail how the UK compares with other European countries in the misguided sheltering of ourselves and our children, from the outdoors.

National Trust study:


We have learnt the value of fresh air in 2020


For all of us, young and old, a lesson can be learnt from its important message: “Nature Deficit Disorder describes the human costs of alienation from nature, among them: diminished use of the sense, attention difficulties, and higher rates of physical and emotional illnesses.” This proves that not only does embracing the outdoors help protect us from the dangers of the current pandemic, but will always improve our physical and mental wellbeing.

Changing Perceptions

Although the pandemic for many of us has been a turbulent and unsettling experience, fortunately good things have been brought to the surface too, just like the re-discovery of our love for the outdoors. This will inevitably continue, especially if everyone can readjust their perception of our general lifestyles for the health of us and our loved ones, and spend much more time outdoors.

Samson outdoor living products for commercial premises

You don’t have to leap around like a youngster, you can still read, listen to music, or socialise with your family via Facebook or Zoom, this is all part of it. Look at what we have to offer, to make outdoor living happen for us all. Discover just how you can enhance the space you have available to you, to make an informed and beneficial decision. We’re here to help you along this journey.Restaurant outdoor dining

Our very own British concept of “Outdoor Living” is being re-born! Let’s embrace the “New Normal” in the move outside.

Discover Your New Normal…

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Markilux Markant

Come along and visit our showroom at your convenience, parking is free and adjacent, and we will offer you a hot drink!

Wellingborough Northamptonshire, NN8 4BH

The markilux Markant on display with a recent installation here at our showroom.

Benefit now from more clients sitting down or being barflowers in your venue!

Make the most of uncovered or unused outdoor space, this beautiful installation is suitable for education, bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs, retail, sports venues and hotels. Profit from the extra space created, extra seating provided, extra revenue per year!

Comfort, beautiful aesthetics, ambient atmosphere, all year round space!

More space = more sales – people are drawn outside, they want to enjoy the light, fresh air and space.

Benefit from this strong trend and create an attractive outdoor area using products that offer all year round protection. The advantage: your guests can stay outdoors for longer, even in not-so-mild winters. Increase your dining space and your sales as a result!

By extending your hospitality you will attract more customers, protect guests from weather, enhance business branding. Ask us about placing your logo on this product.

Come and see it for yourself.

Book a survey at your convenience by calling 01933 448 844

Markant stands proudly on 4 posts covering an area of 6m x 6m, or 36m²

For an area of 36m² prices starts at £14k excluding VAT excluding Installation.


Should I Replace My Shop’s Awning

With Christmas over and the January sales winding down, this is perhaps the first time this year that you have had to take a step back and look at your shop. One question you may be wondering is if it is worth getting an awning or replacing your current one.

Here, we will outline the benefits or doing just that, and how they improve more than just the aesthetics of your business.

Revive Your Aesthetic

Over time, older awnings may have gotten worn, faded or damaged. This is of course a natural problem with most older awnings, whilst most modern awnings are capable of dealing with the effects of harsher weather. Faded and worn signs often put people off from entering a shop, as we naturally judge a shop from the outside before we enter it.

A new awning can completely change the appearance of your shop, making it immediately more inviting to potential customers, enticing passing trade.


Brand Awareness

One of the strong points of an awning from Samson Awnings is the ability to personalise it with your shops own branding. With most awnings it is possible to have any RAL colour, and branding is also possible. This means you can have your logo and colours on the awning, extending your presence on the high street and making yourself more visible, as well as further the cohesion and strength of your brand.

Provide Protection

With the weather becoming more extreme over time, as Winters become colder and wetter and summers becoming warmer, awnings and other forms of protection could become more important. Whilst we are now in late January, Summer will arrive before we know it, and it is important to prepare accordingly.

An awning will not just protect you in wet weather, but will also stop your premises from becoming unbearably hot during the summer. Extending an awning in warm weather can stop the burning summer sun from warming up the glass in the windows of your shop, therefor keeping the whole building cooler, and encouraging shoppers or visitors to stay longer.