Our fixed canopies will protect you from the sunshine, wind, rain and even snow. Save a huge 25% on the below products!

All Year Round protection from the rain and snow under any of our Samson canopies. The fixed all aluminium systems have rainwater guttering either externally fitted or built into the front profile and a choice of either a twin or triple polycarbonate or glass roof.

Every canopy is made to order with sizes up to 9 metres wide and 6 metre projection in one system. Optional side screens, vertical blinds, sliding glass doors and other methods of filling one or all the sides in to create that perfect outdoor room and area to enjoy the garden or patio whatever the weather.

Samson Homestyle

Samson Homestyle Terrace Cover The Samson Homstyle is a traditional fixed patio and terrace cover that can be used in all weathers.

This system comes with guttering and a downpipe, which is ideal for the ever changing British climate.

The Homestyle combines powdercoated aluminium profiles with a poly-carbonate roof which makes for an all year round low maintenance patio cover.

The benefits of a fixed terrace cover means you can spend time enjoying your garden, with shade from harmful UV rays, or you can entertain guests into the evening, whether there is sunshine or rain.

With the addition of one of our side screens, you can make your patio area even more private.

Prices start from £1,500 inc. VAT for a 4.2m x 3m system with twin polycarbonate roofMore information - Homestyle


Samson Piazza

Piazza fixed canopyThe Samson Piazza fixed roof cover is an aluminium all purpose cover for your patio. It is ideal to provide cover for terraces, walkways and can be used as a stand alone structure.

The Piazza is perfect for use in all weathers from providing cover for summertime bbq’s to keeping outdoor furniture dry in the winter months.

Side screens, front zip blinds and even sliding glass doors can be added to this product to enclose the area further and to add a bit more privacy.

The profiles on the Piazza are made of strong aluminium and the canopy cover is made from durable but lightweight poly-carbonate sections.

The maximum width for a Piazza is 7 metres by a 3.5 metre projection.

As standard, the frame comes in; RAL 9010 White, RAL 8014 Brown, RAL 6009 Green or RAL 7016 Satin Grey.

Triple polycarbonate roof systems start from approximately £3,000 inc. VAT for a 4m x 3m system.More information Piazza


Weinor Terrazza

Terrazza Glass VerandaThe Weinor Terrazza is a glass and aluminium roof structure built with all year round patio protection in mind for use on any terrace or patio area in a domestic or commercial environment.

Covered by protective layers of toughened glass to optimise the full use of daylight, the Terrazza can extend your patio outdoor use no matter what the weather, day or night.

The glass-roof structure of the Terrazza allows you to transform your patio into an outdoor room which can be used in the spring, summer and autumn during both the night and day.

The possibilities are endless and can not only enhance your quality of life, but also the valuation of your home.

Planning permission is not normally required as the system does not require traditional footings like a conservatory does.

Glass roof systems start from approximately £4,800 inc. VAT for a 4m x 3m system including glass.More information - Terrazza